DO YOU WANT PEACE IN YOUR LIFE? PERFECT PEACE OIL is an exclusive line of homemade oil  that contains Powerful Properties  which has been proven to have strong Long Lasting affects on its Environment. This one of a kind oil has been designed specifically to transform the energy patterns which exist within our atmosphere into harmonious vibrations by the power of the Holy Spirit. Rather you be at Home or at Work this oil will fill your day with PEACE unlike anything you have ever experienced. You must try this product! You will not regret  the full impact and benefits that this oil will give you. PERFECT PEACE OIL brought to you by VESSEL OF HONOR!

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Do you want Peace in your life? Do your Home or Personal Space feel out of order? Then you need to establish Peace. The Perfect Peace Candle by Vessel of Honor, is a dynamic product that's has been designed to totally re-alter Your Home or Personal Surroundings. By Calibrating with the Vibration and Energy Fields that exist,  this candle is good for places that has been the seen of Trauma or Confusion. Vessel Of Honor under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, home make Perfect Peace Candles by using Organic Soy Wax with special essential oils and ingredients to give you a most Powerful Peace Candle. This one of a kind candle has been charged and anointed so that your life will be Peaceful and Blessed!

These Incredible products can be purchase via PayPal. Shipment and Handling will apply with all purchases. Allow 5 to 7 business days to receive your order. If you have any concerns feel free to contact us.

Directions: Apply a few drops on skin or mix with other oils or lotion, add to your clothing or special fabrics. This oil can also be used with an oil burner or candle.
Directions: You can burn this candle on an alter or in any environment. This candle can also be used as part of a ritual or spiritual process.